MetLife Snoopy Blimp takes to the Kansas City skies

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You may have noticed something flying around Kansas City lately. It's the MetLife Blimp.

The blimp, also known as Snoopy 2 was brought in ahead of Sunday's Kansas City Chiefs game.

41 Action News was able to get a sneak peek at the blimp on Saturday.

One of the biggest misconceptions about blimps is people think they are deflated and transported. They are not. In fact, the blimp is never deflated.

It flies from location to location and is only in a hangar about two weeks out of the year.

The little cab area where people ride is called a gondola.

The rudders and elevators used to steady the blimp are controlled by a system of cables and pulleys. The pilot controls those from his seat.

There is room for four.

You can raise and lower the windows just like on a school bus. Two long ropes hang from the front for crew to grab and pull the blimp in when it's mooring (docking).

The blimp is contracted with the NFL and is expected to fly over the next three Chiefs home games.

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