Millions of shoppers may be targets of Target credit card breach

MISSION, Kan. - All it takes is a swipe for millions of shoppers' personal information to be hacked.

"You know, you're just so busy and you're just shopping and you just don't think it's going to happen," Marie Othic said, who's an avid Target shopper.

A breach has happened and anyone who used a debit or credit card inside any Target store from November 27 to December15 is at risk.

"Yeah I am concerned," Othic said.

Jennifer Parks has already had thousands of dollars of goods purchased with her cards. Now, to hear that it could happen again is a bit frustrating.

"Just because of the hustle that you go through when you're hacked is amazing," she said.

It took Parks nearly a month to get the money reimbursed by her bank.

Target released a statement saying they've fixed the problem, but urges customers who may be at risk to continually check their bank accounts and contact them with any concerns.

Loretta Akins has tried to call, but so far all she has gotten is a busy signal. However, not everyone is in panic mode.

"I'm not concerned at all," Mary Smith said, she used her credit card at a Target store during the affected dates.

"Because the benefits and the convenience that I get are so great that watching account for a few months isn't going to make a big deal to me," she said.

Even Parks admits she'll continue using her credit cards, despite the situation.

"Girls got to shop," she said.

Akins however, will take a different approach to shopping.

"I think we'll probably start carrying cash," she said.

Customers who think they're account may have been hacked can contact Target at 866-852-8680.

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