Missouri Public Service Commission releases final report on explosion at JJ's

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri Gas & Energy violated state regulations on the day of the fatal JJ's Restaurant explosion, according to the Missouri Public Service Commission's latest report.

The final report, released Thursday morning, states MGE violated the commission's rules when it failed to conduct an effective leak investigation and failed to urgently evacuate people from the area before the Feb. 19, 2013, explosion.

The report also stated the gas main damage could've been avoided had more markings of an underground line been present. Only two of the three facilities at the location were marked, according to the report.

The MPSC report does not make clear how the gas ignited, listing multiple ignition possibilities such as: electrical devices, pilot lights, telephones and cell phones, as well as static electricity.

The report also states MGE did not urgently provide information to JJ's employees for them to mitigate those possible ignition sources, something MGE disputes.

The MPSC also suggested police and firefighters should have stayed on the scene. MGE told investigators they didn't have contact with the fire department at the scene, a claim KCFD has disputed multiple times, saying they were told by MGE the situation was under control, allowing them to leave before the explosion.

Kansas City Fire Department Chief Paul Berardi told 41 Action News on Friday, "I read the report as well and I don't know what MGE...what they are relying on."

"I do know that our message has been consistent from day one," Berardi added.

The explosion injured several workers and killed JJ's employee Megan Cramer.


READ THE FULL REPORT: http://bit.ly/1e6kGcN

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