MoDOT crews work overnight to clear roads

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tuesday night, the Missouri Department of Transportation started the process of clearing approximately 8,000 lane miles in the Kansas City area, include nine counties.

AJ Thompson, one of the team's youngest drivers and all of 22 years old, had a supervisor accompanying her as she plowed her route along southbound 71 Highway. While she was worried about driving, he did the interview, telling us that sitting behind the wheel of 57,000 pound of machinery isn't easy.

"She's doing an awesome job here running a truck," said Karl Lennox, a MoDOT supervisor.  "You do so much of it that you just get the feel of where you are and how to go about the task that is at hand."

The teams work in 12-hour shifts and said they will be busy through the night.

"It's very important that halfway through the storm, that we are just as alert as when we started," Lennox said.

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