More cases of sexting between teenagers in juvenile courts, but consequences end up at home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We're learning more about the legal consequences of sexting between teenagers in the Northland.
This week, we told you about a topless picture of a middle school student being shared between students in the North Kansas City School District. Juvenile courts are seeing more cases like this, but the consequences end up being at home rather than in court.

Clay County Juvenile Court Officer Alan Gremli is seeing more and more cases involving teenagers misusing technology. Gremli says it begins and ends with the parents.

"Doesn't have a good long discussion about appropriate use then that's the parents problem to deal with," Gremli said.

41 Action News has learned the parents of the girl are not planning on going through the court system to punish the students. Gremli says even if they did he would refer them to get counseling for the girl and discipline both students at home.

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