More than $172,000 raised for homeless Kansas City man who returned diamond ring

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A local homeless man who returned a diamond to its rightful owner is now getting something in return for his good deed.

Sarah Darling accidentally dropped her engagement ring as she emptied her coin purse into Billy Ray Harris' donation cup in Kansas City.

It wasn't until the next day that she realized it was gone. She immediately went out and found Harris again, and asked him if he had it.

Harris told her he kept it for her.

"He actually had somebody look at it, a jeweler. They were willing to give him thousands of dollars on the spot for it. But he didn't take it," Darling said. "So to me, it just shows his immense character."

To show her appreciation, Darling started an online campaign to raise money for Harris. In just one week, donors from around the world contributed more than $172,000.

Harris will receive the money at the end of the 90-day campaign.

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