Mother pleads guilty to charges she abused 3-month-old child, breaking his ribs

Abigail Millican admits to breaking child's ribs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Abigail Millican, a mother accused of breaking the ribs of her 3-month-old child, pleaded guilty Monday to a child abuse charge.

In pleading guilty to one count of domestic child abuse, Millican admitted she grabbed her son's torso and shook him hard enough to fracture three of his ribs. She was sentenced to three years of probation, serve 40 hours of community service and seek mental health treatment.

"They can't judge me," Millican, now 21 years old, said as she entered an elevator with her attorney. "Only God can judge me."

The child, now 16 months old, is recovering from his injuries.

The abuse originally came to light in December 2012 when the child's grandfather noticed bruises on his body and took him to Children's Mercy hospital, according to court documents. Millican was later charged with two counts of child abuse in May 2013.


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