Mother runs for her life, escapes abduction by ex-boyfriend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 28-year-old mother ran for her life Wednesday morning, in fight for survival she'll never forget.

Police said it began when Antoinette Leak got a knock at the door at 3:45 a.m. from who they believe to be her ex-boyfriend. Leak was said to have had a decent relationship with the suspect.

However, that changed when police said he punched her, knocked her down the steps and dragged her through the front yard.

He then forced her into a car and sped off down the street.

About a mile and a half down the road at 75th and Prospect, Leak jumped out of the vehicle and tried to escape, but the suspect managed to get her back inside the car.

For the next half hour, police said he drove around town, telling her to take off her clothes while beating her and threatening to kill her. He also threatened that she would never see her children again.

The suspect then took Leak back to the same location where police said she decided to make another run for it.

Leak almost made it home when she was able to call her family for help. 41 Action News was there as she was reunited with her family.

"She was scared to look at me. She didn't want me to see her face and I understand because that was horrible. He's evil," Leak's mother Kim Mitchell said.

Leak is currently in the hospital getting treatment for her injuries.

"Her legs were all bloody and her face was swollen," Leak's mother Kim Mitchell said. "She's strong and she's going to survive this."

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