Neighbors battle possible purchase of St. Paul School of Theology property

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An organization called KC CASE wants to go into the old building on the city's east side, taking the place of the St. Paul School of Theology. Its goal is to change the lives of sexually exploited children and adults.

Organizers plan to make the old campus a safe place with dorms, counseling services and a daycare.

It would spend $2 million on the campus. But to do that, a zoning committee has to approve it.

Neighbors said on Tuesday they're worried it would hurt their neighborhood.

"Something like this is this huge is going to be a real factor on the neighborhood and we are foolish to think of anything else but that," one resident said. "We've got to weight that against the benefits. There are no benefits for the value of property in that area."

But others spoke for the organization and the good it does. One woman said she relied on similar services to help turn her life around seven years ago.

She said there needs to be places for the exploited to go to in order to improve their lives.

"So I kind of have to ask the question ‘Where would you like to put them then? Where would you like them to go? Would you like to them cast out on an island?'" she said.

The committee didn't take any action on Tuesday, but will look at the issue again next month.

KC CASE hopes to be in the building by next summer.

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