Neighbors rally to help after fire rips through home

OVERLAND PARK, Mo. - Both the Overland Park Fire Department and the Leawood Fire Department responded to battle the smoky, three-alarm fire in a duplex near 121st Street and Nall Avenue Sunday evening.

New cell phone video that a neighbor shared with 41 Action News shows the flames up close just moments after the fire started ripping through the family's home.

The homeowners Pat and Dale Wolf, told a crew Monday they were grilling outside when suddenly, "The roof just caught on fire and it just went fast. It's a wood roof and it just went really fast."

The crews alternated fighting the flames that reached far into the Sunday afternoon sky while they also battled the already nearly 100 degree temperatures.

"You know, one minute, things are great, five minutes later you've lost your house. It just happens like that," Dale said.

The couple was able to escape with their pet dog and did to save their cars from the garage before the entire home was engulfed.

"They called me last night with the fire happened and we were out here in about 30 minutes to help them," friend named Lee Arnold said. 

By Monday, friends and neighbors came back to help sift through the charred and soot covered things that were once part of the living room. 

"We've been trying to pull out some of the stuff we can save, some of the mementos, their photos and clothing that hasn't been stained," Arnold said. "I've had a lot of needs and I had very good support in my life and so if I can help someone else out, that's what I like to do."

Some photo albums were recovered and stored in a neighbor's garage while other neighbors went to buy the couple new clothes. Together they had lunch with friends in the front yard looking at the home they hope to rebuild.

"Take it a day at a time and hopefully rebuild," Pat said.

An Overland Park Fire Department said a family of four and their dog who lived next door in the duplex also escaped unharmed.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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