New security guidelines at public schools after reported rape at Southwest Early College Campus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Superintendent of Kansas City Public Schools wants parents to know their kids are returning to a safe place after a report of a sexual assault last week.

Superintendent Dr. Stephen Green said the district is taking steps to protect students in a letter sent home with students Tuesday afternoon.

The letter said the female victim is receiving counseling, but some parents wondered why it took several days for notification from the school.

Administrators say they will make sure all school cameras are working and security procedures are correct.

All this after a 17-year-old girl says she was raped at Southwest Early College Campus.

In the police report, she says two boys, 14 and 15 years old, carried her into a "small room that was full of desks and is usually locked and secured."

She kept telling them "let me go."

Toi Watson's grandson goes to SWECC.

"I was just shocked, I was just shocked and hoped it wasn't true. I thought it was maybe just a rumor or something, I just hoped it wasn't true," Watson said.

The rape was reported on Thursday and the district sent a letter home to parents on Tuesday.

Superintendent Dr. Stephen Green said they waited to gather all of the facts.

"It happened on a Thursday and we were trying to catch up to the investigation and so we didn't want to get ahead of the law enforcement process. We also know that we're dealing with minors; confidentiality is key," Dr. Green said.

Dr. Green said the boys pried open a classroom that is normally locked

He says the district is already taking steps to prevent future incidents.

"We're reviewing all our safety procedures. We have a commission on school safety. Obviously this will be high on their agenda there. We've done a walk-through of the building looking for any types of vulnerable areas making sure we shore those up," he said.

The two boys remain in custody at the Juvenile Detention Center.

They were in court Tuesday morning but will be back for a pre-trial hearing on Sept. 11 where the court will determine whether the two will be tried as adults.

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