New Sprint commercial features Kansas toddler playing basketball

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 2-year-old Kansas boy made his television debut in a national commercial for Sprint.

The boy's father posted a video of the boy playing basketball on YouTube in February. The video shows 2-year-old Titus making basket after basket. It has more than 10 million views and it caught the attention of Sprint Nextel.

"Once we saw the footage we all fell in love immediately," marketing communications manager for Sprint, Sara Mocingo said. "He's amazing. It's been really neat having someone from Kansas in the commercial."

The family is from Derby, Kan. Titus and his father enjoy watching basketball games together.

"Since he could walk and hold something, he would carry a basketball," said Joseph Ashby.

Titus has appeared on Today and Jimmy Kimmel Live, but his father said he didn't realize his son would be such a big hit.

"We saw it gradually. We didn't react to it as much as other people have." Ashby said. "It's sort of common place to us. It's been fun."

Titus showed off his shooting skills Friday night at the College Basketball Experience at the Sprint Center.

The commercial featuring Titus is airing now on national television.

Watch Titus make trick shots:

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