No snow days for Northland generator service company

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - While some people worked from home and others got to their office a couple hours late, one business in the Northland had no choice but to stay open 24/7 Tuesday and Wednesday.

"We're on call 24–7, 365 days," Tyson Robinedt with Central Power Systems and Services said.

Central Power guarantees they'll always be there for customers no matter how bad it gets outside.

"We take care of hospitals, nursing homes, data centers, Telcom, broadcast media, police stations, fire stations," Robinedt said.

They service generators that are needed in an emergency such as a snow storm.

"For our customers, we have to be there for service calls, preventive maintenance and anything they need," he said.

The crew makes sure they're equipped and ready to go no matter what the situation.

"Most of our people drive four-wheel-drives for personal vehicles just because we can't take snow days," Robinedt said.

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