Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium brings sasquatch believers together

STILWELL, Okla. - Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti. No matter the name a lot of believers gathered in Stilwell, Okla., this weekend to share their evidence that the creature exist.

"Then something happened that was monumental, that just changed how I looked at things in general," recalled one researcher as he described an encounter with a Bigfoot.

A common saying when Bigfoot researchers and believers come together.

All this weekend tall tales are being told in Stillwell at the second annual Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium.

For the speakers and guests gathered from across the country, finding Bigfoot is just part of their life.

"To me to have an experience is almost like an adrenaline rush," Ron Boles with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization said. "Some people like to jump out of planes. I like to go in the woods."

They understand that not everyone buys in to it. Randy Harrington with the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center didn't really get it he says until he came across an adult Bigfoot with its child in Oklahoma.

"Some people you are just not going to convince they are out there," Harrington said. "Other people are very accepting of the fact that these creatures are out there. I'm telling you, they're out there.

With all of their research devices, Bigfoot believers say the evidence is becoming more and more credible, with thermal technology now being used. Compared to night vision recordings, thermal technology is harder to fake researchers say. 

"That is a little harder to do because you can't fake body heat," Boles said. "Unless you're a linebacker for the Oklahoma Sooners you're six foot six or higher and you're butt naked in the middle of the woods at 2 o'clock in the morning, odds are it might be a Sasquatch."

Despite those preaching in Stillwell this weekend that Bigfoot exists, undoubtedly the skeptics will remain, but you can check out the evidence for yourself at the symposium.  More information on this weekend's symposium can be found on the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center's website

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