Organization opens safe house to help tackle violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The newly formed group "Stop the Killing KC" opened a safe house on Saturday. The organization is made up of 72 different groups that decided to tackle violence as one organization.

"It's an immediate need, not something that can be passed on and go through a lot of bureaucracy. It's a need that is needed now. So, we put our resources together to make sure we can take care of our community," group leader Trichelle King said.

The house located on 29th Street and Askew is open to anybody who needs assistance. The house will take crime tips and pass out employment and housing information.

Group members said the house is needed now more than ever. Kansas City has thirty-two homicides this year, compared to twenty last year.

Across town, community activist Alonzo Washington is holding a hunger strike.  He believes drastic measures are needed to raise awareness about the recent homicides.

 "I'm trying to do some things to shock people out of their apathy," said Washington.

Washington hopes parents use the recent spike in violence as a teachable moment for their children.

Chief Darryl Forte said a new community initiative should help people reach out to the department.

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