Parent group meets again with organization hired to restructure unaccredited districts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It will be several weeks before the Missouri State Board of Education makes a final decision on a number of proposals on how to handle unaccredited school districts.

Tuesday, The Cities for Education Entrepreneurship Trust, CEE-Trust, was back before the group of Kansas City parents who helped the organization develop the proposal.

CEE-Trust Founder and CEO Ethan Gray said he believes the initial draft is strong, but with additional recommendations from this same group of parents, they're confident that will be enough.

"I think people need some time to wrestle with it. It's a long report, it takes some time to go through," he said.

Gray went before the board to present the first draft of the plan Monday in Jefferson City.

On Tuesday, Gray met with some of the parents who were part of the original focus group at the Holiday Inn on the Country Club Plaza. The media was not allowed inside.

Members of the group refused to talk with reporters afterward, but one member spoke to us Monday night after getting her first look at the CEE-Trust proposals she was a part of.

"As a parent you think everything is fine in grades because you say oh my child is getting an A or a B. You don't realize how detrimentally they are behind they are until you get their overall map test scores," Kristi Odum said.

CEE-Trust will present their final proposal before the board again in February.

"My hope is that when people step back and really think about how a system can create conditions in which schools can thrive, that they will recognize that the conditions that we identified are really important educator-run schools and that schools are held accountable first and foremost," Gray said.

In all, there are now seven proposals before the Board after CEE-Trust and KCPS announced their plans on Monday. Others include plans from a group of Missouri superintendents and The Charter School Association

If one of them is chosen, it can be implemented without legislative approval.

You can read all the proposals here:

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