Pembroke Hill parents react after school bus of students overturns

BONNER SPRINGS, Kan - Parents of children on board an overturned school bus in Bonner Springs, Kan.. were left waiting to pick up their loved ones at a nearby high school.

A Pembroke Hill School bus carrying 36 6th grade girls, a teacher and a bus driver enroute to a school trip overturned on the southbound ramp in Bonner Springs, Kan., on Wednesday.

Students on the bus were transported to nearby Bonner Springs High School where they waited in the school's lunch room for their parents to pick them up

Mother Amy Greif has one child in 9th grade. Her son didn't go on the trip because he didn't enroll in Pembroke Hill until 7th grade.

She found out about the crash from a breaking news alert on her cell phone, but didn't think much of it until she got an e-mail from her son's school.

She said the school continued to give updates via e-mail.

"It's a great way to build Camaraderie for the age group and they're excited for these kids it's their first time on this campus," Greif said. "I think it's too bad that their class is going to have that memory starting out."

School counselors are available to students and staff if they need to talk to someone about the accident.

"It's obviously been a great concern to Pembroke Hill. We're a community. We've been concerned about letting parents know that their children are safe and getting out the word about how to get their children," Pembroke Hill Communication Officer Elizabeth McKinley Tuttle said.

The trip was part of annual orientation where students got to know each other.

On Thursday morning, the school will gather for a special assembly at 8 a.m. All students are to report to the Hall Student Center to address what happened on Wednesday.

After the special assembly is over, the seventh and eighth graders will be dismissed and the sixth graders will stay.

At that point, the principal and counselors on hand will talk directly with the sixth graders. The counselors will be available for any student or staff who need to talk about the incident.

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