Paul Ryan doesn't hold back about Obamacare

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan was not holding back about Obamacare in his visit to Kansas City on Wednesday.

Congressman Ryan told reporters he sees the 41 votes taken against Obamacare as productive-- even though they haven't stopped the law and said republicans will keep fighting it

"This law is going to do a lot of harm to the country," Ryan said. "We do have healthcare problems that need addressing. This isn't the solution

Ryan said he hoped the president would eventually agree to delay implementing the law, but admitted that was unlikely.

The chairman of the budget committee also predicted that the government would not shut down during the current budget fight that neither party wants to see that happen.

The former Republican VP candidate is in town for a Mission Hills fundraiser for Governor Brownback's reelection campaign at a private home.

Both men said they were focused on their day jobs and not thinking about running for president-- at least not yet

41 Action News also asked Congressman Ryan how he felt about the possibility of the GOP convention coming to Kansas City in 2016. He joked at least there would be no hurricanes.

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