Pets left in the cold crowd KC animal shelter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Pet Project is at full capacity right now, largely due to animals found in the cold. A spokesperson for the shelter said they have taken 38 calls of animals left in the cold since Monday.

The shelter's approximately 250 kennels are now all full, according to shelter spokesperson Tori Fugate.

"This is just a perfect example of a dog who probably wouldn't have made it through the night, had a concerned citizen had not brought her to the shelter," Fugate said.

The animal she held was a Chihuahua mix, which was found roaming around a Kansas City apartment complex. Another Collie mix was found tied to a tree two nights ago with a leash too short to reach any shelter.

It's not just dogs who are suffering either; a tabby cat was picked up on the shelter's property and her body temperature had to be regulated through the night.

"She had icicles coming out of her nose," Fugate said. "We see a lot of the animals who are dumped by the shelter because people are just not wanting to pay the fees to drop off the animals."

That fee is just $10, according to Fugate. She is now asking the public to help find homes for struggling pets who cannot care for themselves in the bitter cold.

"Through temporary fosters we can make it really, really easy for people to foster and of course we are open seven days a week for adoptions," she said.

If you see an animal in the cold, you can call the city at 311.

There is also an adoption special going on right now at Kansas City Pet Project. Cats are $25 and dogs 40 pounds and over are $40.

For more information about the Kansas City Pet Project visit their website at

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