Plaza Art Fair vendors hope for increased security at weekend event

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Right before you walk in to the Plaza Art Fair this weekend, you'll notice security stationed at every entrance ready for any trouble.

"There's a lot of presence down here taking care if everyone. I feel very secure with all the police down here," vendor Chris McCarthy said.

More than 200 hundred artists and vendors are on display this weekend.

McCarthy's merchandise, along with the other vendors', stays put when everyone goes home, so overnight security is crucial.

It's estimated 400,000 people from the region will make their way to the Plaza this weekend. That is the main reason why thousands of artists fight for one of the couple hundred spots every year.

"This is one of the better shows in the country this is easily one of the top five or 10 the country so these are one of the ones you want to do," McCarthy said.

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