Plenty of reasons to 'Fill the Fridge'

People poured into Price chopper Tuesday in Shawnee to donate entire carts of food for the 41 Action News Fill the Fridge perishable food drive.

There were all kinds of people that decided to donate Tuesday, and many donated for different reasons.

Betty Sims says when she grew up, her family struggled to put food on the table.

"It was import to donate because as a child, there were days I was without food and now I'm blessed," Sims said. "I have a job and my husband has a job and so I felt obligated to give back."

Carey Larsen said she feels for those who are in a tough spot.

"Sometimes people get stuck in a rut and need a little extra help and if you have the means to help out and give, you should do that for your community."

Margie lisbona works in the lunchrooms of the Shawnee School District. She meets kids every school year whose families struggle to put food on the table

"There is nothing more precious than a  child, and when people are suffering, it's sad it's hard to talk about it when you serve these little faces everyday. "

If you'd like to donate to the Fill the Fridge perishable food drive, visit for drop-off locations, or you can donate money at any area Price Chopper through Friday.

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