Plumber expects increase in calls for frozen pipes

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - AB May plumbers expect a bump in calls for frozen pipes as temperatures drop into the teens.

John Paul Drum has been fixing pipes for his entire life and says most people will wait to check for problems until it's too late.

"These are things nobody really thinks about them until there's a problem," Drum says.

The most common problem he sees is with outside water faucets.

"After a hard freeze, we can sometimes get calls twice a week," Drum said. "People have to remember to take off their hoses."

Drum says leaving a hose attached to the faucet will prevent the pipe from draining and increase the risk of the pipe bursting.

On the inside of the home, Drum suggests opening cupboard doors underneath sinks to allow the warm air from the house to keep the pipes at room temperature.

Although some say leaving the faucet running slightly does nothing but waste water, Drum still suggests it to his customers.

"Compared to plumbing bills, water is cheap," Drum said.

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