Police crackdown on K2 sellers on both sides of state line, arresting 31 and finding $100K

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Police on both sides of the state line are cracking down on K2, a synthetic marijuana-like drug.

Raids Tuesday throughout the metro at dozens of stores netted 24,000 packets of K2 and $100,000 cash, while police made 31 arrests.

Isaiah Williams from Kansas City, Kansas, has friends who've used the drug. He said they call it several names, including , "tucci" or "Birds."

"It's chemicals. They get you stuck. I heard of one of my friends who used to smoke it. I've seen him off of it before he looked pretty high, he looked like a zombie to me he was pretty stuck. He didn't want to get up and move or anything," Williams said.

While K2 is illegal, sellers would get new formulas to try and get around the law. Police in Kansas and Missouri say all of it is banned now.

"The question out there was whether or not it's illegal," Michael Hunt, Chief Trial Attorney for Jackson County said. "The Missouri Legislature made synthetic marijuana illegal so that's what we're hitting today, stores that were selling illegal, synthetic marijuana."

Stores all across the metro had it, some right down the street from others.

"I was surprised it was coming from this store [2101 Metropolitan Ave, KCK] because the store down the street is the store usually selling it so it's kind of odd for this store to be selling it," Williams said.

But no matter where it came from, the drug is toxic and can be deadly.

"We've had kids die, we've had kids overdose, get put in the hospital, this is dangerous stuff," Hunt noted.

Police say the chemicals are shipped in powder form often from places overseas.

Prosecutors and police say they is only the beginning of these raids and investigation into K2 being sold in the area.

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