Police, movie theaters take precautions after Colo. mass shooting

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - With a crime as senseless and random as the massacre inside a Colorado theater, many may start questioning the safety of places they frequent every day.

AMC Theatres released a statement Friday afternoon, saying its schedule of movies will say the same. However, the Kansas City-based chain is beefing up security, prohibiting costumes that make patrons feel uncomfortable. Specifically, face-covering masks and fake weapons are not allowed.

In Kansas City, the excitement for "The Dark Knight Rises" continues despite the tragedy.

"It was awesome, the movie was awesome. I've seen all the 'Batman' movies," Christian Simpson said.

"The chances of this happening to one or the other of us is actually quite miniscule. And quite honestly, just driving to this theater was probably more risky than the chance of this happening," said Donald Priour Jr.

The Overland Park Police Department and its SWAT team is ready to respond if it should happen here.

"The active shooter scenario is very prominent in the United States unfortunately," Sgt. Ryan Miller explained.

All Overland Park officers are trained for active shooting situations. In fact, the department set up a scenario outside the old Oak Park Plaza Theater before it was torn down five years ago.

Miller said theaters come with their own set of challenges.

"The limited space to get into. The limited entry points," Miller explained. "All those people trying to come out of those same doors we're trying to get into."

Miller said one of the most difficult tasks for first responders is running past victims to get to the shooter.

"That is what's needed to happen because the most important this is that we stop the violence as soon as possible," he said.

All Overland Park officers will be back in "active shooter" scenario training in September.

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