Police respond to Country Club Plaza curfew sweep

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Police released new information Sunday on curfew citations issued the night before.

They say there were fights and fireworks going off in the streets of the Country Club Plaza Saturday, and kids were out past the curfew.

However, one group of kids say they were just going to see a Disney movie at the theater. When they got out after 9 p.m. to go home with their parents, they say, they were stopped by police, who later issued their parents citations.

Natalie Hickey, 15, said they didn't realize they were doing anything wrong.

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"This is ridiculous because we weren't loitering, we were going inside to be safer, and they didn't even tell us until after they brought us there what exactly we were doing wrong," said Hickey.

"I told the first guy my mom was there; he didn't care," said Abby Blake.

This curfew went into effect last year after a shooting on the Country Club Plaza.

It says teens must leave the entertainment districts by 9 p.m. through the last Sunday in September. But these parents say they don't think the ordinance was followed correctly.

"I don't have a problem with the 9 o'clock curfew, but I would expect them to follow all the provisions of the ordinance," said Deena Blake, Abby's mom.

Natalie's dad, David Hickey, said, "To me, the law wasn't enforced right. They were there waiting for their parents. To me that means coming directly home."

A statement from the Kansas City Police Department said:

"Last night off-duty officers working for Plaza security issued 7 curfew violations. Attention was drawn to the juveniles after a fight broke out in the movie theatre and the youth began throwing large fire crackers outside on the street/sidewalk ... Some of the juveniles that were detained were also part of 37 that were given warnings last weekend."

Natalie and Abby did say they noticed another large group of kids who were also detained, but that they were not with them during or after the movie.

The citations the parents were given has a court order, and they could face fines of up to $500.

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