Postman of 55 years delivers final letter in North Kansas City

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Rain or shine, sleet or snow -- after more than five decades, one postman to delivered his last letter in North Kansas City on Thursday.

Bob Drayer has been delivering mail for the past 55 years. Many people on his route recognize his face.

He said when you're on the job so long, you start to develop a personal connection with people. He said he loved every minute of it.   

"I read one time, if you enjoy your job, you never feel like you've worked a day in your life," Drayer explained. "That's how I feel."

Drayer landed a job for the postal service when he was just 19 years old. There have been a lot of changes since then.

"A stamp was 4 cents back then. It's 46 cents now," he said.

Drayer admitted his wife has been waiting for his retirement. They will spend time being involved with church and entertaining friends.

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