Disc golfer electrocuted by downed power lines in Rosedale Park

UPDATE: Investigation launched into KCK electrocution http://bit.ly/1bOWvj7

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A disc golfer from Shawnee was electrocuted at Rosedale Park after stepping on a downed power line early Sunday morning.

KCK police received a call just after 3 a.m. Sunday about an electrocution.

The caller said he and a friend were in the park to play disc golf when his friend unknowingly stepped on an active power line.

The Wyandotte County Sheriff's Department responded to the scene.

The caller was transported to the hospital with burns on his hands, and 27-year-old Nicholas Moeder was pronounced dead at the scene.

Lt. Kelli Bailiff with the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office says the caller tried to pull Moeder away from the live power line, but kept getting shocked and was unable free him.

Bailiff said Saturday's thunderstorm may have knocked it down.

"It was dark outside and the power line was lying in the grass," Bailiff said.

A disc golf tournament is being held in Kansas City this weekend. Authorities have not said whether or not Moeder was competing in the tournament.

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