Prairie Village Councilman David Morrison ousted from office

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - Prairie Village Councilman David Morrison will not be allowed back in office.

A decision came down Friday from a Johnson County judge to oust Morrison after her admittedly let a homeless man stay overnight at the Prairie Village City Hall last November.

According to a formal complaint, Morrison gave his security access code to his friend, Kelley Malone, who then had access to the employee lounge, workout facility, locker room and a public records storage room.

On two of the nights, Morrison escorted Malone into City Hall. On the third night, Malone returned to City Hall on his own.

On the nights Morrison escorted Malone, he allegedly lied to police dispatchers who monitor the building's access, telling them Malone was there for a home association meeting.

While inside the building, Malone had access to the employee lounge, workout facility, locker room and a public records storage room.

Police found Malone hiding in the men's locker room. He told officers he has had problems with drugs and had recently been released from the Johnson County Jail.

During an ethics hearing back in November, the city attorney suggested Morrison excuse himself from his seat on the council and sit in the audience.

Councilwoman Ruth Hopkins grilled Morrison on his decision, asking why he lied to dispatchers and created a potential risk for city employees.

Morrison approached the podium and faced his colleagues. Breathing heavily and stumbling on his words, he apologized.

"I was wrong," Morrison said as he struggled to look the council members in their eyes. "It was a huge mistake. I'm so sorry. I can't even begin to describe how sorry I am."

Morrison said Malone's life was being threatened.

When asked why Morrison didn't take Malone into his own home, he replied saying he lives at his parents' home and it wasn't his to offer. He also referred to his mother's poor health condition, saying he didn't want her to catch anything from Malone.

It was during that hearing the city council voted unanimously to recommend he be removed from office.

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