Proposal for downtown drive-thru Jimmy John's in limbo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A split vote in the Kansas City Planning Commission put the possible moratoriums on drive-thrus being built in downtown on hold.

The owners of a new Jimmy John's location being built at 9th and Broadway are wondering why the city is going back on approving its new drive-thru proposal.

The attorney for the local franchise owners believes the moratorium is sending a message to business owners that they shouldn't have faith in the city because it could change its mind even after approving.

District 4 Councilwoman Jan Marcason argued before the commission the drive-thru would impact traffic.

"It seems to me that there were flags along the way about this type of facility on Broadway, on the Boulevard in the heart of our downtown redevelopment area," Marcason said.

Franchise owner Mark Abbott pleaded with the members of the committee to not issue the moratorium. He said if he and his business partner are not allowed to build the drive-thru, they would find another location and abandon the previously vacant building.

"If the decision comes through that we can't do the drive-through, I don't know what's going to happen all the jobs we created over the last 10 years," Abbott said. "But they're all in jeopardy because we made a big investment, and a big commitment to the bank and all we ask is the Kansas City keep their commitment to us."

Another vote could take place in the next month.

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