Push for change in police pursuit guidelines

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Police dashcam video released Tuesday shows officers rushing along following a suspect Monday. The chase ended in an accident that killed Jason Lewis and sent others to a hospital.

It isn't the first deadly chase in the metro. Cheryl Cooper lost her son in 2007 in a similar accident and has been fighting to get a change in policies since.

Chris Cooper was 17 years old and riding his bike home when a person who was running from police hit him going 80 miles per hour.

Ever since then, Cheryl has pushed for changes in the Independence Police Department and their pursuit policy.

In Monday's pursuit, the officer called off the pursuit after he entered into Kansas City. Later, the dashcam video shows the officer pulling up to the accident that killed Lewis.

Cooper's lawyer had the same questions as he did seven years ago.

"How far do you need to go to ticket a speeder? If the speeder is going to flee from you and the officers in a residential area, you're have a license plate, you're able to get close enough to get the license plate," attorney Sean Pickett said.

Cooper wants new, stricter guidelines to be put in place to protect other innocent lives.

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