QuikTrip stations offer food, shelter to kids in need

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the thousands of consumers dash in and out of Kansas City's QuikTrip gas stations, most fail to notice the little sign with a big meaning.

The yellow diamond-shape sticker with a logo of an adult hugging a child is much more than just a decoration. It represents a 'safe place.'

"The 'safe place' program is really geared to runaway kids, kids facing abuse, sexual abuse, and they have no where else to go," QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbrugh said. "They could have drug addictions, alcohol addictions. They're out on the streets, and so QuikTrip has partnered-up with agencies trying to get these kids off the streets and give them a chance to try and get their lives back on track."

Thornbrugh said QuikTrip has been part of the 'safe place' program for nearly 25 years.

Employees are trained to offer a child food, water and shelter. They have a list of numbers for different agencies and allow the child to stay at the store until help arrives.

In the last eight months, QuikTrip stations have helped nearly 900 kids.

The corporation has 642 stores in 11 states, and Thornbrugh says the cities with the most 'safe place' calls from QuikTrip are Phoenix, Tulsa and Kansas City.

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