Hired security company never showed up to party where 5 teens were shot

KANSAS CITY - The security guard working Saturday night's teenage party where five people were shot arrived late because he was a replacement for the hired company that never showed.

Authorities said the shooting occurred during a teen concert at Tropical Palms Banquet Hall, 5614 E. 87th St., just after 11:30 p.m. The hall had been booked for an "All Gold" theme party promoted to teenagers.

Cliff Jaushlin said he was called in as a replacement doorman, and by the time he had arrived about 50 teens had been allowed in without being searched.

"If I could have, I would have shut the whole party down and made everybody come back out until they were searched," Jaushlin said. "I wish I had been there the whole time, because the gun never would have gotten in there."
Jaushlin said he's positive one of the early guests had the gun because he searched everyone else who entered the hall.
"I checked about 150 kids," Jaushlin. "Front and back, down to their ankles, empty their pockets, checked their bags. Nothing got by me."
The building's manager told 41 Action News that the police had advised him not to talk to the media. He did not disclose his name, but said he requires clients throwing a party to hire their own security.
Neither Jaushlin nor the building manager knew the original security company hired for the party.
The front parking lot has six surveillance cameras that Jaushlin said he hopes helps police track down the shooter.
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