Rescued dogs possibly bred for fighting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police seized nearly two dozen pit bulls from two Kansas City homes Wednesday night; three of them were puppies and one dog was pregnant.

All were brought to the KC Pet Project to be evaluated and hopefully put up for adoption.

It appears the main purpose of the group of dogs was to breed. It's not something this shelter sees on this scale very often.

"We don't see too many cases where big dogs like this are coming into the shelter in large numbers," Tori Fugate of the KC Pet Project said.

The dogs were found chained up on the 5600 block of Bales Avenue. Investigators are looking into whether these dogs were involved in dog fighting.

One dog had severe scaring all over his face and body. Although the scars on that dog and the others were old, the puppies that came from the home could have been bred for fighting.

"There are puppies from this group. There are some adult, female dogs that obviously had puppies recently but there weren't any small puppies on the property," Fugate said.

The home is in the 64130 zip code, one of two that has more than a thousand pit bulls in the area. They're neighborhoods eligible for free spaying and neutering of pit bulls from a city grant to try and keep the population under control.

KC Pet Project was in the process of evaluating the dogs, checking their behavior and seeing what types of homes they'd be good for.

They're not available for adoption yet but hope they can determine that soon.

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