Kansas City residents upset at contractor work from Google

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Residents and business owners in Kansas City are upset with the Google Fiber.
They say a contractor working for Google cut down trees last week in their Volker neighborhood in order to lay fiber optic cables for its high-speed Internet service.

Some resemble a v-shape, while others just have a few small branches left.

Those frustrated with the move gathered Saturday to demand that the hacking comes to an end.
Paul Weaver is an arborist. He attended the informal meeting of residents and business owners who want to shed light on their tree problem.

"It actually just puts a pit in my stomach because of the damage it does to trees," Weaver said. "There's probably not even enough canopy area there for the tree to survive … possibly even just this season, let alone extensively in the future."

Business owner James Jesmore said his main concern is the lack of notice.

"They come in like little locusts, they do their thing and then they leave," Jesmore said. "Then the whole place is destroyed."

Google spokesperson Jenna Wandres said no one was available for an on-camera interview, but released this statement:

" We're working very closely with the 39th Street community district and the city to come up with a solution that everybody is happy with."

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