Ripple Glass sees continued growth among consumers wanting to recycle

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There's a familiar sound this time of year that's music to the ears of environmentalists: The crashing sound of glass hitting glass inside recycling collection bins.

January is the busiest month for recycling glass following the holidays.

Ripple Glass, the company with those purple collection bins, is now three years old.  Boulevard Brewing Company started Ripple Glass in 2009 as a way to stop the millions and millions of bottles going into area landfills.

It's an extra stop to find a collection bin. But each year, more and more consumers are pulling up, opening up their trunks and dropping off glass bottles and jars.

The brown glass is crushed and recycling into new Boulevard beer bottles.  All other colors of glass are turned into insulation used in homes.

"Our processing facility is located here in Kansas City, where we clean it and we crush it and we turn it into what looks like a course and sharp sand," explained Stacia Stelk, Ripple Glass executive director. "It's called a three-mix ready cullet.  And we send that to Owens Corning where they take it and make fiberglass insulation."

In 2012, Ripple Glass collected 25,000 tons of glass.  That's enough to produce 130 Million Boulevard beer bottles.

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