Rose Brooks Center & Verizon Wireless partner to recycle old phones for victims of domestic violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You can become an advocate for domestic violence by simply donating something that's probably sitting in your junk drawer right now.  An old cellphone, charger, battery or blue-tooth.

Verizon Wireless stores are now Rose Brooks Center's exclusive drop-off site for used cellphones.  The project is called HopeLine.  It's environmentally friendly, but the real purpose is to help rebuild lives.

"HopeLine does two things," explains Verizon Wireless spokesperson Brenda Hill.  "We take the proceeds from those phones and we donate them to local shelters like Rise Brooks Center.  And we also recycle those phones and we loan them out to shelter clients with free air time, which really helps those women get back on their feet."

The restored phones help victims in two ways.  Women in shelter can use them to build new connections, stay in touch with family or find a new job.  Victims still living in an abusive situation benefit because the phones are free and their abusers don't know they have a lifeline to the outside world.

"Rose Brooks Center applauds companies like Verizon Wireless for stepping up such a stellar way," said Sarah North, Rose Brooks Center's Director of Marketing and Communications.  "We thank them for recognizing the issue and for their community commitment to end family violence in Kansas City."

Since its inception, HopeLine has donated 123,000 cellphones and 406 Million free minutes to domestic violence shelters across the country.  HopeLine accepts all phones, chargers, batteries, blue-tooths and cases – regardless of the brand or phone carrier.

Simply stop by any local Verizon Wireless store, or download and print a free postage-paid label at

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, contact Rose Brooks Center or call Kansas City's Crisis Line at 816.861.6100

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