Rose Brooks Center grateful for volunteers who help domestic violence victims

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Last year was a dangerous one in Kansas City when it came to the number of women and children hurt by domestic violence. Officials from the Rose Brooks Center say their volunteers help them make the area a safer place.

Representatives from the area's most comprehensive domestic violence shelter spent Thursday evening saying "thank you" to their hundreds of volunteers. 

These are people meet who with clients in their emergency shelter, visit with them in hospitals, help them through the court system and ultimately ease the victims back into a life of safety.

Rose brooks says volunteers are critical to their mission.

"We started 34 years ago because a group of concerned volunteers said something needs to be done for domestic violence victims," said Joan Dougherty, director of volunteer services and community support. "And we continue the work we do today because of volunteers."

For more information on volunteering or helping someone escape a violent  situation visit  If you are in danger, call the 24 hour crisis hotline at 816-861-6100.

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