Kansas City police increase security after Boston Marathon blasts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police have stepped up security at undisclosed locations across the city following the blasts at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

The police department was one of the many groups to begin to look at security at several different venues and events.
Kansas Speedway officials confirmed they were already evaluating changes in security. NASCAR's Sprint Cup race is this Sunday at the Speedway.
Speedway President Pat Warren said spectators have always been allowed to bring in soft-sided coolers.
As of Monday night, they decided that rule will remain the same.

"The reason we allow soft-sided coolers is because we've determined, based on the information we have, those are the ones we can safely inspect," Warren said.

The sports commission that oversees the Kansas City Marathon said it is already reviewing its safety policy for the marathon and big outdoor events like the Big 12 tournament.

Col. Bob Lewis, a retired Marine, said he believes there will likely be security changes at Kauffman and Arrowhead Stadiums as a result of the explosions.

"Will it keep people from sporting events? Undoubtedly .. it kept people off of airplanes after 9-11," Lewis said.

He said Fort Leavenworth, where all training manuals for the U.S. Army are written, will also play a role in keeping our nation more secure.

"They'll have a team that's working lessons learned from that bombing immediately," Lewis said.

They will be working hard to see if there are areas to improve security. Lewis said what they decide after analyzing Monday's events will be sent to Army posts worldwide.

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