Several held up at gunpoint in string of armed robberies

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In a 48-hour span, a large string of armed robberies hit one area of Kansas City. Police said armed suspects held up at least nine people from Westport down past Loose Park just south of the Plaza.

A jogger was attacked and robbed in broad daylight near 43rd and Oak Street. The victim let everyone in her neighborhood know with the NextDoor app, but found her incident is just one crime of many recently.

Steve Burge lives a couple blocks from the Nelson Atkins museum. Someone broke into his home two months ago and did $9,000 worth of damage. However, it was the armed robbery near his house Sunday that made him really angry.

"Now with somebody getting mugged in the middle of the day, that's getting pretty nervy," Burge said.

It's one in a recent string of armed robberies. From Friday until Sunday, nine separate incidents reported, stretching from 58th and Ward to the Westport area.

Several people reported similar descriptions of two suspects, but that doesn't ease Burge's mind.

"Nobody knows for sure if it's the same people or not. I think everyone in the neighborhood is a little nervous right now," he said.

Now he wants to send a message to anyone considering coming into his neighborhood again: he is on guard.

"What we've decided to do is that any suspicious activity that is unusual, we're calling the police," Burge said.

In several of the incidents, the suspects threatened people with a gun and stole their cell phone and money.

Police said they did recover a stolen car believed to be involved in some of the crimes, but they are following up on leads to catch the suspects.

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