Several hundred KCMO city employees find W2 forms cut in half

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Postal Service is apologizing to the city and several hundred city employees after they received only half of their W2 forms.

The city mailed out about 3,800 W2 forms this week, but once they arrived at the postal sorting facility on Cleveland Avenue, some of the employees found their forms had been cut in two.

Postal Service Spokesperson Richard Watkins said a piece of mail got stuck in a sorting machine and the forms behind it got cut in half.

Watkins said they're not sure of the exact cause, but sometimes it can happen if a piece of mail ends up being too thick. The postal service mailed one half to the employee and the other half went back to the city.

The postal service called and apologized to the city Friday afternoon and assured them no personal information got into the wrong hands.

It didn't take long for some employees to take pictures and share their frustrations with friends on social media sites.

The city said the new W2 forms will go out early next week. They haven't decided if they'll mail them again or hand-deliver them.

Luckily, the city sent out the forms a week earlier this year so they still have time to get the forms to employees before the upcoming tax deadline.

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