Several pile-ups reported across the Kansas City metro

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The wintry weather made for dangerous conditions on the roads causing several accidents and multiple car pile-ups across the metro.

Kansas City police reported a 20 car pile-up on View High Drive at I-470 at around 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

Several drivers were stranded after crashing on I-70 just outside of Lawrence.

One skid lead to a crash and then another.

Mason Lantz, a KU student said, "I came upon this, I just came over the hill and a bunch of cars were together and I tried my best to put the brakes on but it's so slippery out here my car just kept sliding."

Despite efforts of salt trucks, the freezing rain and snow created several slick spots.

"It was definitely difficult to slow down and clearly the ones that were coming over the hill were having a hard time slowing down. I saw cars spinning around and coming backwards the other direction and crashing into rails," said Stephanie Davis of Lawrence.

It was Angelina Cruz's car that spun-out times and crashed. "We spun probably three times by ourselves and then we stopped and I was like thank God, we were shaking a little bit but then we saw more cars sliding as well and I'm like ok, no this is just getting started," Cruz said.

Three cars hit hers after she slammed into the guardrail. She wasn't injured but an ambulance took away a passenger in another car. This crash did leave everyone involved stranded for over an hour.

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