Small plane crashes at Kansas City Airshow

Pilot dies

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - One man has died after his plane crashed while performing aerial maneuvers at the Kansas City Air Show. The crash happened around 1:40 p.m. Saturday at the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport.

The pilot was identified as Bryan Jensen by air show organizer Ed Noyallis.

In a prepared statement, Noyallis said that the public was never in danger, and that air space guidelines were met during the show.

Witnesses were shocked by what they saw.

""I was watching the plane do it's stunt and it was coming down, and it was still spinning it was getting close to the ground and I thought it was going to take off about 50 feet above the ground or whatever but it hit the ground and it exploded," said witness Ryan Bader.

You can watch a viewer submitted video from Artie Cook, 12, who was at the air show by clicking on the video player to the left. WARNING: THE VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIDEO AND LANGUAGE.  For another view of the crash, look at the YouTube video from Timothy E. Dorset, of Kansas City, Mo. below. AGAIN, THE VIDEO IS VERY GRAPHIC.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are on the sight investigating the crash.

Jensen worked for a company he owned called Beast Airshows. You can visit their website at A lookup on lists Jensen as the website's administrator. The plane he was piloting was a Pitts Model 12 manufactured by Jim Kimball Enterprises.

Thousands of people at the air show witnessed the crash, and reaction to the crash quickly filled the social networking website Twitter.

Twitter user @KCJetSetter was one of the first people to Tweet about the crash around 1:42 p.m. when he tweeted "crash at the #KCAirShow."

Other users quickly shared their reaction to the crash.

User @Mandy_Stark tweeted "OMG a plane spiraled out of control and crashed. Huge flames, no sign of life."

@AdamKWalker tweeted "Stunt plane down at #KCAirshow - saw it from the deck of the Briarcliff Village Hilltop Office tower. Hope the pilot is ok."

@Lifetimetrvls tweeted "Watching the #KCAirShow. Think a plane just went down. Black smoke & sirens everywhere."

The show was cancelled for Saturday, but tickets for Saturday's show will be honored Sunday. KCI Spokesman Joe McBride said that this is the first recorded fatal crash at  The Kansas City Air Show.

Editor's note - An earlier version of this story said that the plane was manufactured by Horizon Hobby. That information was incorrect.




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