Smithville police officer lifts car to free man trapped underneath

SMITHVILLE, Mo. - Thursday afternoon is a blur to Officer Michael Logan as he walked around a silver Pontiac the next day. It took a few quick seconds, but big strength to lift the car off of Mark Shields, 42. A jack had suddenly given out sending the car crashing down on the former mechanic.

His wife happened to come home right around then and immediately asked neighbors for help. They called 911 and got another jack but no one could lift the car. That is, until Logan arrived.

"I saw his legs and I could hear him. He was calling for help. He needed help," he said.

Seconds later, Logan grabbed the front end of the car and pulled it up, giving neighbors the split second they needed to put another jack underneath and pull Mark Shields to safety. Though badly bruised with shoulder injuries and a collapsed lung, he will survive.

It just so happens that the officer who responded that day had a hobby that fit the situation perfectly.

"I'm a body builder, I do body building," he said laughing.

When asked if that came in handy, Logan said "I don't know. I have no idea."

Mark will spend Christmas in the hospital but will eventually get to go home to his grateful wife and kids.

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