Social media photos are taking over the conversation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Chats are now happening in a snap.

Public schools are no longer required to teach cursive handwriting.

Is the spoken language becoming a thing of the past as well?

Pictures used to be the way to tell stories of the past, but increasingly, photos and video are becoming the dialogue of right now.

Visual-based social media sites like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Vine are now dominating the conversation.

"I think communication is just evolving. I think the technology is allowing us to do a lot more. Whereas it used to be a phone call, now a photograph can be taken at any time. We all have cameras in our pockets," Chad Martin, the Director of Social and Emerging Media at VML Advertising, said.

Martin sees the change as a time saver.

"It just doesn't take as long to send a text than it does to walk to someone's desk and have the conversation.

The small talk is not there, the whatever is not there, it's exchanging information so I'm sure some of that communication is gone," Martin said.

But Brianne Bongiovanni, the owner of Bambini Creative Preschool sees photographs and technology as a useful tool.

"I think a picture is powerful, I think it's very important it has context though because without context it can be taken a different way," Bongiovanni said.

This is a new type of preschool where students are learning math and science in a collaborative environment.

They use technology to talk to other kids halfway across the world.

Parents are sent photos documenting everything students did throughout the day. "At the end of the school year, we may have 1,000 photographs from the child's experience over the year," Bongiovanni said.

But this doesn't take the place of face-to-face interaction.

"If I'm mean to you, I can shut the computer off and not see you," Bongiovanni said, "but if I share a classroom with you and we're not getting along because of whatever reason, I'm having to deal with that. You're a person that's in front of me and we're going to have to exist in this space together."

Instead of resisting the change, Bongiovanni and Martin are embracing it.

The evolution continues now with "wearable technology," like the Apple which is rumored to release this year.

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