Source says Kansas City has challenges to overcome to host 2016 RNC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A source within the Republican National Convention's summer meeting has given new information about the possible future location of the party's 2016 convention.

The source said Las Vegas, Denver, New Orleans, Phoenix and Kansas City are the cities who appear so far to be actively interested in hosting the 2016 convention.

Kansas City and Phoenix are the only two who have sent delegations to woo party leaders in person.

On Wednesday, Mayor Sly James led a delegation to the Republican National Convention's summer meeting in Boston to lobby that the convention be brought to Kansas City.

"Now we're going to have an opportunity to host the Republican all-stars. We're an all-star city and we're hosting all-star people all the time," James told 41 Action News.

The RNC source said the Kansas City's biggest issue with securing the bid could be hotel rooms. The convention wants 45,000, however the metro only has 32,000 to house guests. The RNC would prefer as many as 15,000 to 20,000 rooms be within walking distance of the convention site, the source said.

Once the winning bidder is chosen to host the convention in their city, the city's committer will need to raise $60 million. Tampa raised over $55 million to host last year's convention

The RNC source also said the committee has a preference for cities not on the east coast, after a hurricane disrupted the 2012 convention, and several key speakers did not appear on television until late at night.

An eight-person committee will make its final decision on a host city by April of next year, the source said.

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