Sporting Kansas City's big win means big bucks for sports stores

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sporting Kansas City's big win Saturday night is bringing the MLS Cup to Kansas City and bringing big bucks to our sports stores too.

Staff at Rally House on the Country Club Plaza say for the first time in six months, Sporting KC was a top-three selling team.

Saturday, fans crammed into the Sporting KC apparel section to get last-minute gear before the game, especially for the winter weather.

"A lot of warmer attire. Yeah, because it was so cold," said Rally House employee Laura Jackson. "You could tell the people that were coming and ready for the game because they're like, 'I'm gonna need sweatshirts, I need hats, I need gloves, I need this' and everybody had a list. So, yeah, it's really exciting."

Rally House expects an extra shipment of Sporting KC apparel ahead of the MLS Cup which will be at Sporting Park on December 7th.

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