Spring Hill residents shocked by recent electric bill

SPRING HILL, Kan. - Have you seen your latest energy bill? Some residents in Spring Hill are trying to understand their sticker shock.

Jason Jenkins and his Spring Hill neighbors were relieved by Sunday's mild temperatures.

"Thank goodness it's warm today. It's one day we didn't have to run our heat," Jenkins said.

That's after they saw their latest electric bill.

Jennifer Henry's bill doubled from last year to $435.

"Our meter's new. We have new windows, so I can't figure out what's different. We keep our thermostat at the same temp," Henry said.

Susan Peavler's tripled to almost $800.

"You get hit with a bill that's almost $800. That's rent, that's someone's rent. That's a new refrigerator," Peavler said.

It was an expense no one expected.

"It's more than my car payment. It's more than my mortgage. So yeah, I'll be dipping into savings to pay the bill."

What they found strange was that their neighbors in another subdivision didn't see the same hike.

Julie Downey lives four blocks away, her bill was normal, at around $240, and she didn't add new windows or insulation like the others.

"I've only been in my house for a couple of years, so I haven't done any of that and it needs to be done. So it's even more surprising that my bill didn't increase the way theirs did," explained Downey.

They're all just hoping for a warm rest of the winter.

We called KCP&L, and they told 41 Action News they would look into the increase.

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