Still no arrest in double murder of mother and 3-year-old daughter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sam Jackson says curious onlookers have driven by the crime scene all day long. Jackson lives in an east side neighborhood that's familiar with crime, but even the locals know this one stands out.

"I've seen them come by and stop and wonder what the heck is going on," Jackson said.

Someone entered the home at 55th and Wabash and gunned down 28-year-old Myiesha Turner and her 3-year-old daughter. Family found her 10-month-old baby brother crying and crawling through the bloody scene.

Detectives still have made no arrest, but those close to Myiesha say her last text message said "He's here."

Detectives are still searching for the killer.

This is the third daughter for the grandmother to lose to crime.

One is in jail, another daughter, Ebony Turner, was shot in her vehicle. Now, Myiesha and her only granddaughter are gone, perhaps the youngest homicide victim this year in Kansas City.

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