Strong winds knock over tree, smashes Kansas City home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Crews spent hours Monday working to tear down a tree that smashed into a home near 79th Street and Ward Parkway. Luckily, the young couple that was renting the house happened to be out of the home when the huge oak tree smashed into their garage, living room and back bedroom.

"Those people are extremely lucky. This tree definitely would have smashed a car in the driveway or the garage and they could have really been hurt if they were in the front of the home when it happened," Larry Moore with Eric Cartwright Tree Services said as he pointed toward the damage.

Tree service crews from Eric Cartwright decided with the neighbor whose tree fell to remove the entire old oak to ensure it wouldn't be a danger to any other nearby homes.

What's most surprising is who is left with the bill. Even though it was the neighbor's tree, the homeowner with the damage has to foot the bill.

Moore said once the tree falls into your yard, it's your responsibility.

"It's a law that a lot of people question, but once that tree crosses over the property line you're responsible for any damages it may cause," Moore said.

The damage to the home is extensive and even though the homeowner who owns the tree said he checked the trunk and branches when he bought the house six months ago, Sunday night's wind was too strong for the old oak to handle.

It's a good reminder for all of us to trim our trees, especially this time of year when they are weighed down with ice and snow.

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