Students and parents near Holy Cross School protest the loss of nearby traffic light

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Parents and students at Holy Cross School on Kansas City's northeast side demonstrated to city leaders Wednesday just how dangerous the intersection of St. John Avenue and N. Quincy Ave. is for students.

Parents like Jean Van Booven-Shook, said the intersection used to be safer, due to a pedestrian system tied to the traffic lights.

"When you push the button it would turn red for the pedestrians and pedestrians could stop the traffic," Van Booven-Shook explained.

In September of last year the city started disabling traffic lights around the metro. Now the traffic light near the school just flashes yellow and parents believe the safety of their children are in jeopardy.

Even the students are concerned.

"When we walk across here we have to wait a few minutes before it's even safe enough for us to run across," Holy Cross 7th grader Jordan said.

Sean Demory with the Kansas City Public Works Department met with concerned parents Wednesday afternoon to see the intersection for himself.

"We will put something in place that will be effective and safe for drivers and pedestrians," he noted.

But Demory admitted that even after another round of studies the traffic light won't go back to what it was. Parents like Van Booven-Shook remained skeptical.

"While they go on with what in the foreseeable future is indefinite studies. Of course he's promised it won't be but I don't believe it," she said.

The city said the latest study will take another two or three weeks to complete.

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